Age at arrival and assimilation in the United States during the Age of Mass Migration

By linking data on Ellis Island arrivals with the 1940 US Census Zach Ward and I estimate the effect of age at arrival for immigrant outcomes in the US.

In progress

Did parliament determine Australian government spending between 1901 and 1980?

I analyse Australian Hansard records and government spending to see how much of an impact a government has on government spending.

Who Voted for Federation?

Understanding who voted for the Federation of Australia, and why the outcome of several critical elections changed, allows us to better appreciate why voters decided to add a level of government when only a couple of generations earlier they insisted on political independence from Britain.

Professional Experience

Grosvenor Management Consulting

Consultant, April 2017 – Current

I am employed at Grosvenor to complete a specific project for the European Commission relating to public procurement in Australia, New Zealand and Thailand. This has involved: identifying data sources; preparing for data acquisition; supporting the IT team in data acquisition; assisting with data validation; and helping with survey design and follow-up.

Petit Poll

Co-founder, May 2016 – Current

As a co-founder of Petit Poll I am responsible for survey design and analysis, as well as marketing and communication. Petit Poll combines non-representative polling data with a hierarchical Bayesian model to cheaply deliver meaningful Australian political polling.

The Centre for International Economics

Economist, January 2012 – August 2013; August 2015 – November 2015

The CIE is a privately-owned economic consultancy. I contributed to reports for public- and private-sector clients as part of a small team. Topics included: valuing public sector outputs; housing sector taxation; the global meat market; wheat price elasticities; variations to modern awards; migration; and labor markets.


Director, July 2011 – May 2015

As a co-founder and director of GoCampaign (later GoCatalyze), a data analysis tool, I was responsible for the creation and development of a business as part of a small team. GoCatalyze completed the ANZ Innovyz START accelerator program in 2013 and won the iAward Data Category in 2014. GoCatalyze is now part of GO1.

Reserve Bank of Australia

Cadet/Analyst/Senior Analyst, February 2009 – December 2011

I conducted research on topics related to banknotes, for example an econometrics-based analysis of banknote demand during the financial crisis. I was also responsible for the creation and analysis of datasets, and gave banknote-related presentations to the public.

Teaching Experience

Australian National University

  • Tutor, Macroeconomics 3, Semester 2, 2017, evaluations
  • Tutor, Microeconomics 3, Semester 1, 2017, evaluations
  • Tutor, Behavioural Economics, Semester 2, 2015, evaluations
  • Tutor, Business Economics, Semester 1, 2015, evaluations
  • Tutor, Microeconomics 1, Semester 1, 2013, evaluations
  • Tutor, Foundations of Economic and Financial Models, Semester 2, 2012

University of Queensland

  • Tutor, Microeconomic Policy, Semester 2, 2008
  • Tutor, Microeconomic Theory, Semester 1, 2008
  • Tutor, Introductory Microeconomics, Semester 2, 2007
  • Tutor, Introductory Microeconomics, Semester 1, 2007

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Thank you to Janet Bradly and Maria Racionero for their support of this workshop. These notes are based on ones prepared by Zac Cranko and I for a presentation in 2015 and those that I put together for a 2016 presentation. Zac’s work is used with permission. Introduction LaTeX makes it easier to produce papers that look great, but it can be overwhelming at the start. These notes help you get up-and-running with LaTeX.


Thank you to Monica for her helpful edits. Geoffrey Liu found an error in how I deal with the postcodes data that I haven’t fixed yet. Introduction The Grattan Institute is an Australian think tank that produces reports about public policy. Last week they released ‘Regional patterns of Australia’s economy and population’. That report looks into the differences between geographic areas across various economic and demographic variables. It includes interactive maps made using Carto.